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About Us

The SOS business model is simple; we operate nationwide offering outsourced managed and supplemental employee services to the hospitality industry. We recognize one size doesn’t fit all; our brand specific solutions offer flexibility and scalability based on business demands at affordable cost. We are proud to be a certified WMBE (Woman and Minority Business Enterprise) and our goal is to become the recognized leader in hospitality outsourcing and staffing services companies. We are committed to open, honest, transparent, long term “WIN….WIN” relationships with industry leaders in the various hospitality segments: Hotels, Resorts, Country Clubs, Spas, Vacation/Timesharing and Motel Owner Operators.

Mission Statement

SOS strives to become the hospitality industry’s leading provider of affordable and innovative managed outsourced staffing solutions while exceeding our client’s goals and expectations. We service our clients and team members by creating a culture of professionalism, excellence, humility, responsiveness, and integrity.


SOS is committed to building a dynamic workforce that is the envy of our industry; a trusted resource to provide our clients exceptional business results. We focus our leading edge recruiting efforts on the best available candidates in the market. Our methods are simple. We promote an internal referral program through incentives and reach out to the community using a grassroots approach; we go to the source. We believe in an “organic” recruiting program that incorporates the “can and will do” factors important to our smiling associates’ success.

“With SOS…Everything is a BIG DEAL”


SOS is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Our Human Resources department adheres to best hiring practices and EEOC wage and hour laws. We eliminate any possibility of trailing look-back and liability to the client. Our in-house standard checks and balances, as well as annual third-party HR compliance audits, afford our clients peace of mind. Our pricing model includes:

ACA (Affordable Care Act) Compliance

Electronic I-9 Compliance

General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurances

State/Federal/Local Employment Tax Obligations

State/Federal/Local Document Rectification Processing

EEOC/HR/Wage and Hour Laws and Regulations

OSHA Laws and Regulations

Drug Testing

Background Checks

Client Access and Transparency

As part of SOS’s open door policy, clients are invited to visit any of our offices at any time to audit any or all our records pertaining to employment practices. By using SOS as your go-to staffing provider, your reputation and pocket book will be protected from: ACA non-compliance co-employment reach back fines and penalties, trailing tax liability, undocumented worker fines, third party employer workers compensation claims, and federal/state/local employment tax implications. The bottom line is — SOS has you covered.

“Our first priority is to protect your reputation”

Employee Culture

Bring us your passion and your determination to succeed. We’ll prepare you for the world of opportunity the hospitality, hotel, and resort industries have to offer.

At SOS the number one goal is to prepare you for unlimited opportunities within our company and with our partner clients — to be trained, recognized and rewarded by setting you on a path of success.

We understand that great ideas and great leaders can come from anywhere at any time.  Therefore, we insist on open dialogue and idea sharing as we continue to build and improve our company. From leadership discussions to engagement surveys, we are a company that goes above and beyond. Promotion from within is our highest priority.

A career at Superior Outsourcing Solutions is like no other. If you are ready to support a better way to improve your options, receive training and experience from industry leaders, while being challenged to deliver your best, we are the company for you.

In addition, SOS strictly adheres to an equal employment opportunity policy to assure that all personnel related actions are administered without regard to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, mental or physical disability or any other group protected by law.


The SOS benefit package includes: PPACA compliant medical insurance for qualified team members, paid vacation, training programs, team member activities, and a competitive bonus plan.


We’ve created Co-ops with local businesses that offer our associates discounts in the areas of vision, dental, professional services, education, real estate, attorney services, tax preparation, retail, entertainment, hotel and travel.


In our company a culture of inclusion is the standard; you’ll feel accepted for the individual you are, regardless of your background, style, ideas, or beliefs.  Our goal is to be recognized as one of America’s best companies for our diverse population.

SOS Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Any staffing company can find and deliver employees! SOS has a loftier mission, which is to offer the hospitality industry the best and most comprehensive turn-key and staffing service, thus creating a competitive advantage.  Our Q5 Total Quality Management System creates a process of continuing innovation and improvement. This allows us to keep our overhead costs streamlined and pass the savings along to our clients.

SOS Top Five Competitive Advantages

1. Value: Quality vs. Cost Ratio

2. Production-Based and Comprehensive Services

3. Higher Guest Satisfaction

4. Employee Focused Culture… we treat our team like customers

5. Compliance

Five Points of Quality Q5

The SOS Q5 Total Quality Management concept is based on five key process steps that produce uncompromising and consistent quality work: Training, Systems, Process, Support, and Inspect. This is our in-house and contractual point of reference for all business service modules. The Q5 System allows us to maintain the highest quality in our industry. Our goal is to quietly exceed your guest expectations.

The Q5 model allows us to train our staff at your location to your brand specifications and continually increases operational efficiencies and operational best-practices.

SOS Advantage, Q5 Steps of Quality

Why Choose SOS as your Outsourcing and Staffing Partner for Owner Operators?

Value and Cost Savings

Our goal is to offer the best value (quality vs cost) in the hospitality staffing and outsourcing industry. By lowering the overall services and labor cost, our clients typically save 3% to 12% of direct departmental costs and a wide array of value added benefits.

Focus on Core Business

With SOS in place, you can direct your attention and apply resources (investment, people, and infrastructure) to the development of your core business. Focus on driving guests into your front door and making huge sales.

Cost Restructuring

Our services increase your operating leverage (fixed costs vs. variable costs). With SOS you will get exactly what you pay for. The days of burdensome oversight, tracking hours, employee-related costs and departmental expenses are over. Take the guess work out of seasonal occupancy adjustments. Your cost per occupied room is the same if you are at 29% occupancy one day and 99% the next day.

Improve Quality

Achieve a steep change in quality by becoming our partner. Our guest scores and results will speak for themselves.


Partnering with SOS provides you with access to intellectual property, and the benefit of our experience and knowledge. We’ve done all the work – gathered the best training materials, hired the best people, and developed the Q5 Quality Management System, all designed to obtain the best results in outsourcing.

Operational Expertise

For the Owner Operator, our access to operational best-practices makes daily operations more expedient when compared to difficult or time consuming in-house development.  Outsourcing is our forte. Each hotel, each brand, and each executive housekeeper we have hired has brought us massive amounts of expertise and know-how.

Catalyst for Change

An organization can use an outsourcing agreement as a catalyst for major change that cannot be achieved alone. The outsourcer becomes the change agent in the process, facilitating growth and improvement in those areas most important to you. Hotels that partner up with us see major improvement within two weeks to thirty days.

Reduce time to Market

A partnership with SOS allows the acceleration of the development or production of services through the additional capabilities brought about by our team. Are you planning to or have you recently built or taken over a hotel? Then we are your solution for an instant housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and security department that is ready when you are.


As your outsourcing or staffing provider, we will always be prepared to manage a temporary or permanent increase or decrease in services, or be ready for any unforeseen and pleasant spikes in occupancy.

One-stop Price Guarantee

We can provide a one-source solution for your front and back of the house departments and provide you with a price guarantee for up to three years.



Leaving the operations of various hotel departments to an experienced, turn-key partner is a strategic business decision that allows hotel management to focus on guest expectations. Leave the cleaning to the SOS experts.

Our Total Quality Management model Q5 (Training, Systems, Process, Support and Inspect) consistently ensures high quality managed outsourcing services. The cleaning must be unobtrusive so as not to interrupt activities of the guest or staff. Our team exudes a professional appearance, attitude, and demeanor at all times. SOS site managers inspect all areas daily to confirm that specific cleaning schedules are adhered to with the frequencies defined by contract terms and address any educational opportunities for our front line team.

SOS performs a detailed Q5 analysis when opening a new client facility or taking over an outsourced department. This analysis becomes the basis of site-specific training, cleaning schedules, tasks, frequencies, type of cleaning agents to be used, necessary equipment, inventory, maintenance systems and safety precautions to be observed.

Turn-key Housekeeping

Turn-Key Housekeeping

SOS excels at providing turn-key housekeeping services that range from fully managed outsourced operations to partially supervised supplemental staffing solutions in all areas of the hotel’s housekeeping department.  SOS provides a comprehensive housekeeping program for guest rooms, office areas, and public areas to ensure a high standard of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, and personal comfort for your guest at all times. When guests enter a room, they are welcomed by the fragrance of freshness. All surfaces are vacuumed, dusted, or cleaned. Beds are meticulously made to client standards. The kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned to a spotless sparkle, inventory is replaced, and amenity packages replenished. After the room is inspected and quality assured, it is immediately reported available in the event of early arrivals. SOS strives not only to produce a first class appearance and to maintain the professional image of your property and furnishings, but also to provide guests with a clean, fresh environment.


SOS provides a reliable kitchen utility team with a supervisor or Executive Steward that works quietly and discreetly in unison and support your kitchen personnel. We properly clean, protect, and store your most valuable table and kitchenware assets. Our stewarding services team will make sure that your staff has the equipment they need. Our team will inventory and assess tableware, glassware, and equipment needs vs. supply on a weekly basis, ensuring your staff has the adequate equipment to get the job done. Typically this arrangement includes overnight deep cleaning in all kitchen areas.


SOS is committed to providing the hospitality industry with the highest quality cleaning and maintenance services available seven days a week. We strive to exceed a client’s expectations by providing better and more affordable services than our competitors.

SOS keeps operational and public areas clean, fresh and inviting, even to the most discerning guest. With more than 20 years of experience, our team discreetly exceeds the high level of cleanliness you demand and your guests expect. We work closely with your management team to ensure that areas are cleaned with minimum disruption to the guest or the in-house staff.

  • Housekeeping & Common Area Cleaning
  • Food & Beverage Outlet Cleaning, to include Kitchen, Bar, and Restaurant Cleaning
  • Back of the House Cleaning
  • Expert Floor Care to include Fine Marble Polishing and Restoration


Laundry Management

SOS will manage your laundry and linen contracting service or on-site facility, making sure to maintain the appropriate inventory levels from day-to-day, and week-to-week. SOS will provide personnel and sufficient supplies required to handle all your laundry operations as needed, determined by the contract scope of services.

Supplemental Staffing

If you’re not quite ready for the managed outsourcing approach, we have a complete line of more traditional staffing solutions. The SOS executive team has extensive experience in both hospitality operations and the hotel staffing business.  We provide diverse, flexible and dedicated labor solutions that exceed client expectations.

We know what works, how to implement services, how to maintain quality and retain your business.

Partner with SOS and we will own your challenges and exceed your expectations.   SOS offers several customizable service lines that reflect what you need.

Service Lines

  • Productions-Based Contract Staffing

    Flat rate pricing on a per room or credit-based system

  • Supplemental Staffing

    Daily traditional and seasonal as needed staffing

  • Temporary to Permanent Services

    Standard 90-day contractual arrangement, Line level through E-Level placements

  • Term Contractual Arrangements

    Customizable staffing solutions that usually involve relocation and housing to demographically challenged labor markets

  • Flexible Workforce Model

    An On the Job Training, Temporary to Permanent Model that mitigates ACA insurances and benefit-related costs for up to 12 months


Rooms Division

Rooms Division

Housekeeping Executives




Turn down Service

Mini-Bar Service

Public Area Attendants

Laundry Manager

Laundry Supervisor

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage

Executive Chef

Executive Steward

Sous Chefs

Cook Level 1-2-3

Kitchen Help

Buffet Attendants

Food Runners

Banquet Servers

Banquet Runners


Pool Attendants

Grounds Keepers

Maintenance Director

Maintenance Level 1-2-3

Security Manager

Security Guard

Project and Renovation Crews

Beach Attendants


Won’t the quality of work decrease?

Quality is more likely to improve when you outsource your cleaning.  We promise excellent results through the SOS Q5 Quality Management System (Training, Systems, Process, Support, Inspect). Our supervisors conduct daily inspections, our Area Manager conducts weekly site inspections, and a representative from our executive team conducts monthly site visits.  We guarantee our services to be at the highest standards possible.

How does SOS ensure that the hotel’s brand, service quality, and culture remain consistent with standard?

SOS incorporates brand-specific and property-specific standards into our SOS Q5 Quality Model. We assist and provide extensive training to our team. We do not consider ourselves a temporary agency but a long-term service provider. Occasionally the property retains the department head, and we will provide the staff, including a training manager or supervisor who works directly with the property’s department head.

What is your training process?

All our associates go through an off-site training program at our local office. The curriculum is based on the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute certification program and the classes consist of performance-based diagnostic exercises and a written test. With the eager but less experienced staff, our supervisor or manager works with them elbow-to-elbow until they reach an acceptable level as deemed by the client. Each property has its own service requirements that make it unique. We want to ensure that our team members understand your specific requirements.

In addition, our onsite training includes:

  • An SOS representative will be assigned to sit in on your normal training and review the employee handbook with your representative.
  • We develop brand and property specific orientation and training guidelines to mitigate any learning curves associated with: Parking, entrance, uniform, grooming standards, time sheet procedures, meal and break policy, hotel contacts list and emergency or accident procedures.

When partnering with SOS what are the contract and billing terms?

The basic contract term is one year, with a self-renewing feature and a no fault thirty day notice of change or option-out clause for either party. Our payment terms are net 15. We will work with clients that require other contractual arrangements on a case by case basis.

What is the minimum number of positions required to start services with SOS?

We do not have any minimums, but we find most staffing arrangements are more effective with 10 or more SOS team members.

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